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The Story of Weiss Honeybee Farms

Weiss Honeybee Farms was started after a passion Bernie Weiss had for the environment and beekeeping. With support from his Family and Friends, Honeybee Farms started in 2019. 

Beekeeping is a very pleasant family activity for us, it has also become a very challenging endeavor. Pests such as the varroa mite have made it very difficult to keep our colonies healthy and surviving the Ohio winters. We monitor our colonies regularly during the active beekeeping season for mites, and use natural occurring compounds that have proven to knock back mites (and are formally approved for use in the hive) to treat mite infested hives.  For other ailments, instead of antibiotics we regularly rotate out our old combs (combs are literal sponges for all kinds of nasty stuff) with new frames to keep the hives healthy. We love taking our family and friends out into the bee yard to educate them on these fascinating creatures. Our nieces and nephews are especially curious and like suiting up to get a close look.

We strive to bring the honey straight from the hive to your table. The beekeeper tending to the bees is the same person bottling and packaging the honey, we take pride in treating our customers like family. We have put quality over quantity when it comes to honey.

Thanks for being part of this Journey!

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